Valve Specifications
Valve Material Fiber-reinforced polymer
Inlet/Outlet 3/4" - 1" NPT

Toll Free 800-967-1762 • Direct 507-283-4416

FAX 507-283-4417

Downflow/Upflow Downflow only
Adjustable Cycles Yes
Time Available 199 minutes per cycle
Additional Information
Electrical Rating 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Max. VA 15

Hydrostatic: 300 psi

Working: 20 – 125 psi

Temperature 34° - 110° F
Distributor Pilot 1.05" OD
Drain Line 1/2" OD
Mounting Base 2-1/2" - 8 NPSM
Height from top of Tank 8 5/8"
Typical Applications
Filters 8" - 12" diameter*

The I-OX filters utilize an air injection system to remove iron
(ferrous or clear water), manganese, and sulfur from the water via both oxidation and filtration. Unlike other iron filter alternatives, I-OX technology is designed for use in a single tank and valve
system configuration, reducing both acquisition and maintenance costs yet delivering years of trouble-free service. No chemical additives or air compressors are required for operation or regeneration with the I-OX filters advanced design.

How does the I-OX filter work? During system regeneration, an air pocket is created when air is drawn in through an injector located in the brine port. During service, untreated water passes through the air pocket oxidizing any iron, sulfur, and manganese. The particles are filtered out. Then the system’s regeneration cycle backwashes the bed and replaces the air pocket, allowing the process to begin again.

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