(RV1200HD) (RV2400HD) (RV3200HD)
  10,000 24,000 32,000
5 2000 Gal. 4800 Gal. 6400 Gal.
10 1000 Gal. 2400 Gal. 3200 Gal.
15 667 Gal. 1600 Gal. 2133 Gal.
20 599 Gal. 1200 Gal. 1600 Gal.
30 333 Gal. 800 Gal. 1067 Gal.
50 200 Gal. 480 Gal. 640 Gal
Water softener capacities are given in terms of number of grains of hardness they will remove between successive regenerations. (The capacity of the RV 1200 is 10,000 grains - RV 2400 is 24,000 grains - RV 3200 is 32,000 grains). The number of gallons softened between regenerations is calculated by dividing the rate capacity (in grains) by the number of grains of hardness in one gallon of water. The table to the right shows how this calculates.
To prepare the softener for further service, brine or rock (solar salt - not pellets) is flushed through the bed. this drives out the accumulated hardness and replaces it with sodium. After the hardness and excess brine are rinsed down the drain with fresh water, the renewed softening material is once again ready to remove hardness from the water. This softening - regeneration cycle can be repeated almost indefinitely over many years of service in the RV.
The RV Series softeners use "ION EXCHANGE" to remove the hardness minerals and certain
form of small granules or beads which are initially charged with sodium ions. As the hard water passes through the bed, the calcium and magnesium which cause water hardness are attracted to the softening material and held. At the same time, a chemically equivalent amount of sodium is released into the water.
This ion exchange process occurs literally billions of time during the softening process. Eventually so much hardness accumulates that the intitial supply of sodium is depleted and the bed of softening material is considered "exhausted". Water passing through the softener is this condition would retain much of its hardness, and recharging or regeneration is necessary.
other contaminants from the water. The RV Series softeners contain a bed of permanent softening material in the
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