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Regeneration Instructions (Model RV 1200 - View Video below and/or Download)
Turn off water supply. (Relieve pressure from system by opening bottom drain valve.)
Close bottom drain valve and turn valve lever counter clockwise to backwash position. (Figure #1)
Fig #1
Remove plastic cap from backwash connection, attach garden hose and run to drain.
Turn ON water supply and let softener backwash for 5 minutes or until water runs clear.
Turn off water supply, remove garden hose from backwash connection and replace plastic cap.
Remove salt fill cap, turn valve lever clockwise back to conditioned water position, open bottom drain valve and drain water from softener, close drain valve. (This is done to make room for salt in step # 7.)
Add 6 lbs. solar or rock salt NOT PELLET TYPE (approximately 10 cups), softener may have to be tipped slightly and gently shaken to get all the salt in. Clean salt fill cap threads and replace salt fill cap. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN - CAP HAS 0-RING SEAL!!
Connect garden hose from outlet of softener and run to drain.
Turn on water supply slowly (approximately 1.5 gpm) for 15 minutes or until water is no longer salty. Turn off water supply. Connect garden hose to RV and turn on water supply. Softener is now ready for service.
➤ Open drain valve to drain water before storage - keep it from freezing.
➤ The RV 1200 may be stored horizontally or vertically (must be vertical when in use).
Never remove the softening material from inside the tank.
➤ If softener is stored for a long period of time, a capfull of bleach may be added with the salt in step #7 to sanitize the softener.
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